Welcome to Crumbles Ceramic Studio, a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio!

We are a family owned studio situated in the Highland Park Shopping Centre in Howick.

We have been operating for over 6 years now and we are well known for hosting awesome birthday parties and other fun events.

What is a Paint your Own Pottery Studio you ask?

imgFrontgirlOur studio is a little haven where you can come in and relax and be creative.

You don’t need to be experienced or have any artistic ability to give it a go.

People of all ages and abilities are able to paint on our ceramics.

You can come alone or bring a group. You get shown to your own table, we give you heaps of encouragement and stay on hand to help you through the whole process.

It really is that easy and a lot of fun.

Your ceramic piece, once fired, is Microwave and Dishwasher safe, so not only do you have fun creating a piece, you get to keep and use it too!

We hold fun events for adults and kids, school holiday programmes, afterschool classes and heaps more.

You need to allow yourself about 1.5 hours to paint a piece.

We do get busy so to avoid waiting for a table we prefer bookings, however they are not essential, so if you feel the need to paint you can just come on in. We can’t wait to meet you!


How does it work?

  1. Choose your ceramic piece – From our range of over 200 pieces of dinnerware & ornaments.
  2. Pick your ceramic piece – With over 200 pieces to choose from there is something for everyone. Our most popular piece is a dinner plate! It’s an easy first piece to paint.
  3. Plan your design – You don’t have to be an artist, we have made it easy to be creative with stamps, ideas books, templates, stencils and with carbon paper you can even trace your own design on.
  4. Choose your colours – We have┬ámany colours to choose from, all non toxic and completely safe. Best of all they are water based so any paint on clothing just washes out.
  5. Paint -Use our brushes, stamps, sponges and even your fingers and hands to create that masterpiece. We can even show you some of our funky techniques.
  6. Now we do our part – We take your piece and dip it in clear glaze. When it’s dry, we load them into our big kilns, set the temperature to 1170oC and leave them to bake for 10 hours! It takes about 24 hours for the kilns to cool down. We then unload, sand and pack your pieces ready to collect. This ┬átakes 7 – 10 days.


How Much Does It Cost?

Our ceramic pieces are priced between 15$ and 45$ and include all paints, stencils, stamps, ideas, glazing and firing of each piece. There are 100’s of pieces to choose from including plates, platters, bowls, mugs, teapots, vases, figurines, money banks, trinket boxes, seasonal items and many more.