Team Building

Think outside the Box! The office that plays together STAYS together!

Reward your staff with a fun creative day of team building at Crumbles Ceramic Studio. Let them relax and chat while doing something creative. For large groups we can come to you.

We have a range of options available but some of the most popular choices are:

“Get Mugged”
No more mix up at the office everyone now has their own mug!

Pick a name out of a hat and paint for them, you may get the Boss, or the
Accountant or who knows?

“Company Mural”
Every one gets to paint a tile and when joined together creates a Mural that reflects the company culture

“Follow the Instructions”
Each team gets a set of instructions on what to paint, (No pictures) follow
The instructions carefully and see if you all end up with a similar picture –
Great team building exercise

Corporate Gifts – Custom Designs

Want something different for your employees, customers or suppliers? Need to find a personal and unique gift for that long-standing employee? Create your own ceramic piece or we can paint it for you.

We can match your company branding, company logo, company colours or simply someone’s personality.